We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time

Little Gidding V, Four Quartets, T S Eliot

Sounds and silence; sunshine and rain. Landscapes. Sky. Lush greenery laced with brilliant dashes of colour. Movement: birds, animals, wind in the trees, the breath in my body. The gutsy smell of earth and sea carried in on my breath. Memories of the past, memories being created, a profound sense of something ancient. Feeling near – near to nature, near my roots, near the things that make me feel good. Close; close to nature, close to my nature, close to my beloved family who’s colourful sounds and noises weave and dance their way through this landscape, melodious, cacophonous, rising and falling, reaching and roaming.

Pavements. Boundaries. Rooftops; some so high they are literally in the sky. Density: left, right, way behind, up ahead – and up, up, up. And below, layers of history, known and unknown. No longer seen and heard but stories all the same. Grime and unbelievable riches. Everything so near yet so much so distant. Coming and going; to-ing and fro-ing; ebbing and flowing, seeking and growing. Soundscape. So many sounds from who knows where or whom or what. Movement: vibrating, reverberating, generating, creating, and going nowhere. Space accounted for, space set aside, space defined, space revealed, refined. Scanning and filtering, reaching and roaming.

Though I live in only one, both places are home. Without them both I would feel quite literally like a watch without a mainspring. In both places I become more me, informed and shaped by them and informing and shaping them myself, a discharge and exchange of energy in a mostly unchoreographed dance of mind, matter and motion, of structure and function organising and re-organising, stabilising and mobilising.

Home is also my partner, my family, my friends. It’s doing a job I love. It’s meditation and movement, creativity and connection; a great conversation, good food, beautiful music, a brilliant book – and a comfy pair of jeans.

Any journey begins at home. Welcome to Mainspring; it’s our sincere hope that you will journey with us and always find yourself at home in our company.